Start up service at Hazelwood Holiday Park

Start up service at Hazelwood Holiday Park

Today we were busy doing a start up service, this service is for the spa owner who closes down there spa/hot tub and then wants it starting back up again. We clean down the shell with a hot tub cleaner and remove the water with a wet vac. Then we start filling the hot tub, while the hot tub is filling up, we check for any leaks in the pipework and pumps.  Once the water level is above the filter housing, we turn on the hot tub and run a full test on the system. We take AMP readings and check the cables for wear. Once we are happy the hot tub is fully working we add the chemicals and sign off with the owner.


If this is something you would like, please contact us

Hot tub servicing is essential to get your hot tub looking great and ready for any occasion. We offer a range of hot tub services from a cleansing flush and fill, to a start up or shut down or a full annual service. We also offer weekly and monthly service contracts.

Start up service for hot tubs and spas
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