Hot Tub Servicing in Devon

Bigbury On Sea

Bigbury On Sea

Hot tub servicing in Devon is essential to get your hot tub looking great and ready for any occasion. We offer a range of hot tub services from a cleansing flush and fill, to a start up or shut down or a full annual service. We also offer weekly and monthly service contracts. South West Spas, servicing Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.

Our full annual service costs £199 and includes:

  • Removing the side panels and checking for leaks
  • Checking the noise levels of the equipment
  • Adding a biofilm eliminator to clean out the system
  • Removing the head rests and soaking the filter in filter cleaner
  • Draining the hot tub of water
  • Removing the jets and cleaning them
  • Checking the heater element for scale and build up of debris
  • Checking pump seals for wear and tear
  • Refitting parts
  • Cleaning the hot tub shell
  • Refilling and rebalancing the water with your hot tub chemicals
  • Turning the hot tub on and testing the systems
  • Washing and cleaning the hot tub cover with 303 Protectant

Call us – seven days a week including Bank Holidays – on 07719 102986. We are here to help!

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